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At the site that was once the ‘sweetest’ factory in Zagreb, the Kraš factory, close to the city centre, between the City Bus Station and the City Railway Station, Branimir Centre opened on 17 December 2003.

Branimir Centre, covering some 44,000 square metres, rightly holds the title of a multifunctional centre, offering under one roof numerous facilities. Let’s mention just some of the largest, most renowned and most popular inhabitants of the Branimir Centre.

Branimir Centre accommodates Cinestar. The first Croatian multiplex with 13 theatres and 2934 seats which is today one of the most popular cinemas in Croatia and the place where Zagreb locals and guests enjoy the film arts. At the entrance to Branimir ulica lies the Arcotel – Zagreb’s first four-star lifestyle hotel, a common choice for numerous tourists who visit the Croatian capital. One of the better-known tenants is certainly Wettpunkt – the largest slot machine club in Croatia. On the ground floor and on the first underground level there are shops, a playground and café bars which visitors at the Centre have in a very short time recognised as a favourite place for fun and socialising.

Below the Centre, on three underground floors are garages providing 440 parking spaces and a car wash where you can have your car washed.
The especially enticing entertainment opportunities (cinema, slot machine club, playroom, café bars, and the like) and the location in the in the centre of Zagreb has rightly made Branimir Centre the entertainment centre in the centre of the city.

Visit us and experience the unique opportunities while having fun!

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