Earth day is best celebrated at Little Farmers Market at Branimir center, on Friday, 22nd of April, from 4 PM till 8 PM. As you all know, Little Farmers Market is a regular event every Wednesday at out Center. However, this Friday we are hosting a special edition of this popular event. An edition that is dedicated to the planet we all live on. Theme of this event will be urban gardening. Besides the healthy food that we usualy present on Little Farmers Market, we will present seedlings and seeds that can be traded or bought. Also, you will have the opportunity to participate in an exhibition of seeds from different parts of the planet and enjoy the green table full of green juices and vegetables from eco gardens. For all our visitors we have a special promotion. We will give away canvas bags and bags made of recycled paper.

From the beginning Little Farmers Market is much more than a market. This is the place where we gather around healthy food. A place for creative people and creative ideas. This is the event which we are always looking forward to. This special edition is something we look forward too even more because it is held on the day of our planet.